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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 19, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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states. couldn't come at a worse time for harry reid who is not only trying to keep his job and his party in power, he also represents the state with the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. today the former boxer is trying to put his opponent against the ropes. >> you're frustrated at washington. being much angrier you'll be if sharon angle has her way and social security and medicare are phased out. on the campaign trail today the heavy weights are in force. former bill clinton stumping for candidate meek ahead of tonight's debate in florida. >> from the moment the president took his hand off the bible was our fault. now, that's like saying you can get behind a huge locomotive going straight downhill at 200 miles per hour and stop it in ten seconds. and the money base.
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does it really matter how much you spend or take in? the conventional wisdom appears to be working against democrats. plus john mccain standing by his attack against barbara boxer. we'll get the latest on the wild west races. good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. bank of america and other big lenders plan to resume foreclosures, pushing back against democrats who have been demanding the nationwide moratorium continue. this close to the election st. political dilemma for the white house which is trying to balance which cube powerful campaign issue that a halt on foreclosures could trigger another downturn in the economy. let's bring in chuck todd, co-host of the daily rundown. let's talk about the foreclosure issues. this could be a big issue.
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states with high rates of foreclosure like california, florida and nevada, which are states with very close tightly fought senate races. >> reporter: these are issues popping in governor's races in many ways. in these gubernatorial raebss we saw it for instance in michigan where you saw candidates calling for a longer moratorium in order to stop these things. but, you know, this is one of these mixed bag things. you talk to some analysts, and you know this better than i do, when it comes to this housing issue, having the housing market working again long term is what can heal the housing issue, but, of course, this is one much those classic short term economic back and forth debate versus the long term issue. >> now, you were reporting last night and again today on the way the republican party is getting very nervous about some of these tea party supported candidates. >> mixing maalox in with their
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tea. >> a lot of mixing with that tea. maybe something strong per sharon angle there you are in nevada, high foreclosure read, tight race, everything at stake, her extraordinary $14 million in fundraising in the third quarter. and there she is, you know, goes, is attacked by a fellow new york tea party supporter. let's listen to a little bit of that debate. >> i don't know that all of you are latino. some of you look a little more asian to me. i don't know that. what we know, what we know about ourselves is that we are a melting pot in this country. my grandchildren are evidence that. i'm evidence of that. i've been called the first asian legislator in our nevada state
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assembly. >> there's bean lot of reaction to this. this was angle talk took some teenagers. some were very offended. they were hispanic. you know the impact of the hispanic vote in nevada. large hispanic population. and i'm not sure what she was talking about. >> reporter: that's what's unclear in this recording per se. i think it goes that at a minimum the longer -- the more that sharon angle and ken bach and joe miller have been on the campaign trail the more likely they will say something -- to be charitable nonpolitically correct but something that could be -- prove the point -- the entire democratic campaign against these folks is they are out of the mainstream. anything that happens in these last two weeks become outsized potential closing arguments for the democratic. you have the kentucky issue where chuck conway is trying to create his own closing argument on this issue of being too far
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out on the mainstream. sharon angle in this case stepping in it and joe miller with the decision to have his private security team handcuff a journalist. >> which is one of the most bizarre and in many ways troubling things that happened. i want to ask you about kentucky. first wrapping up on nevada. this new democratic ad going after sharon angle trying to tap into voter anger and say get angry but get angry about the issues. let's watch. >> you're frustrated at washington. think how much angrier you'll be if sharon angle has her way and social security and medicare is phased out. so put that anger out in the ring. voting for sharon angle will only hurt yourself. >> is that a good tactic now for the democrats to say yeah get angry, angry and vote against
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republicans. >> reporter: joe biden has been on the campaign trail. his speeches have been talking about this issue of anger. i talked to a lot of democrats privately who believe the biggest mistake the white house made over the last six months and congressional democrats is they didn't figure out how to define voter anger, that the republicans did a better job of defining anger as being mad at washington, mad at democratic and government overreach where there has been some democrats have argued you know white house should have also said yes, angry about the economy but angry about this with the republicans orangery about that. this is the first time i've seen an ad that's tried to get at that. but by the way, the fascinating, both democrats and republicans are up with new attack ads against reid and angle and the democratic ad doesn't mention reid, the new hit on reid doesn't mention angle. as if both parties realize there's not much left to promote of their candidate. at this point it's a war of
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attrition. >> orphan candidate. let's talk about kentucky, because some might argue that the democrat jack conway tried to go after rand paul and tap into that anger and be super aggressive and maybe it backfired. some democrats we know criticized it. this was the exchange between jack conway and chris matthews on hardball last night. >> there's a common thread between his world view in college and where he is today and i'm not questioning his faith, i'm questioning his actions. >> let me go through the language you approved the ad. it mocks christianity, mocks christ says the bible is a hoax. did you approve that? >> it's in the ad. >> it questions his faith? it is wrong for a candidate not to believe in christianity. >> that's not wrong. to mock people of faith is wrong. >> to be skeptical of religion. >> no it's not but it's wrong to mock people of faith.
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>> does he win or lose with this ad going after something that happened in college with something that some people would say is questionable and could help him with women voters? >> reporter: we don't know. this is a debate that's taking place this week in kentucky. i'll be interested to see how it's playing, to see the negatives. this is one of the stories where one of these ad exchanges rand paul is up attacking jack conway for this ad. this is one much those that will raise the negatives of both candidates in a year where, in a time when everybody is upset about negative ads. we'll see. i think what yak conway is guaranteed is that win or lose, a lot of people will point to this moment in the campaign as being pivotal. it feels like a hail mary as an observer. let's see how it plays in kentucky. >> you alluded to alaska. what's the blow back from the arrest if you want to call it that of the reporter who was detained by private security guards, hired by joe miller.
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i know reporters are not very popular but isn't that going a step too far? >> reporter: it fits with the narrative that lisa m is tryingn the paint. this is the second straight week where there was an incident, high-profile in alaska. this is a race that's getting a lot of attention. joe miller said more questions about my personal background. this is taking a real toll on his polls. his negatives are going through the roof. and that's use saw yesterday joe miller actually give an interview which he hadn't done in a while. look lisa mccousy has a chance. republicans are nervous in washington what the two do with this. don't be surprised if at a minimum they will try to disqualify the democrat to
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prevent an odd three way problem where mcadams gets some momentum. >> then the question as to whether people can spell. >> reporter: they don't have to spell it right. just the intent. you can miss some vowells. >> that's my race for the big surprise that could shock us all. >> we won't know until thanksgiving. i'm not kidding. it will take that long to find out who won alaska. this is the race we'll talk about throughout the move november. >> spare me, please. chuck todd. as long as it's with you. join chuck and savannah at 9:00 eastern for "the daily rundown." new york's first and last gubernatorial debate ended up more as a slil side show than an exercise in democracy. andrew cuomo and carl paladino
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were the side show. other contenders a extra at the expert and former black panther and former madam were the main act. >> i'm not your typical new york politician. i've never been caught with a prostitute. >> listen. someone's stomach just growled. did you hear it. >> the career politician in albany are the biggest whores in this state. i might be the only person sitting on this stage with the right sfoerns deal with them. >> on the topic of gay marriage do you support it yes or no? >> don't. >> mr. cuomo. >> strongly support gay marriage. >> sir? >> if you want to marry a shoe i'll marry you. [ laughter ] >> wayne barrett is senior editor of the village voice. how do you cover a race like
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this? >> it's such a circus. the state is in bad shape. paladino's biggest moment is when he went to the bathroom in the middle of the final statements. he got up and walked off to the bathroom. he was just lost last night. he may have been sedated. he looked like he was sedated. everything except his hands and arms which kept gesturing in wild swings but he was saying the most calm and usually disjointed sort of things all night long. so, cuomo acquitted himself well. but there wasn't much of an opposition there. the odd thing is, andre gentleman, paladino inpointsed all these minority candidates be include which turned this thing into a farce. >> that helped cuomo because the last thing cuomo being far ahead wants to do is elevate paladino as his chief opponent. >> absolutely.
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it was a boomerrang strategy. his chief adviser is robert stone the republican dirty trickster and christian davis the candidate that you just saw there who is a convicted felon and managed to get into a debate. roger has two candidates in the race. he's running her campaign. he's the one who persuaded paladino that that was great idea for him to have all these folks on the stage and it turned out to be just a disaster for paladino. he couldn't really make any kind of an impression on a crowded stage like that. >> well, it's worth showing our viewers, roger stone, who is a character, going back decades in terms of alleged dirty tricks here in washington and national campaigns in the nixon white house on down, this was roger stone whom you just pointed out was the actually he said unpaid adviser to both paladino and christian davis two candidates on the stage at the same time. >> his friend were paid a
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million dollars by paladino. he doesn't get the checks directly. he's very much involved in this campaign. >> that's why you are the good reporter there for the village voice. let's watch roger stone last night trying to have it both ways. >> i'm not running for governor, christian davis is. she's put forward what a number of new yorkers think is a good idea. the legalization of marijuana is on the ballot in california. legalizing gay marriage. i agree with that. so, is this a candidacy based on principle. >> being a liberatarian and libertine. >> he's about trying to get this third-party on the ballot. if christian davis gets 50,000 votes roger stone will have a ballot line in new york state. that's what he's really about
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with that campaign. >> wayne barrett from the village voice. wish you luck covering the rest of this campaign. loin 14 days to go. still ahead the money race from billionaire candidates to secret donors. next arizona congressman joon political hopes for candidates named quayle.
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the mid-term election is only tweaks away and one political career that may be launched is that of ben quayle, son of the information vice president. he's running in arizona's third congressional district where republican elected in the last big republican takeover in 1994 has served for 16 years. congressman john shadegg is retiring and joins me now. why are you leaving congress? >> 16 years is a good run.
1:19 pm
great fight. but there's only so much one member of congress can do. i'm at a point in my life where i want to take on a new challenge. the house is not the place to do that. >> is there any sense of regret now that you see the possibility, at least conventional wisdom is that the republicans could best democrats get more than 39 seats and take over. you would be in the majority. able to do things. >> there's a great chance republicans will take the majority. no sense of great on my part. there's lots of struggle inside house to. it's time for a young generation. ben quayle can take over my job and i can carry on the fight in a different arena. >> now ben quayle, the son of the former vice president was criticized by some for southeast negative ad, for some things in his past, and some of the claims that he made, or suinged in one of his early ads. he won the primary. now at least according to most polls, race may be tightening,
1:20 pm
he is likely given the republican nature of your district likely to take over. do you see a new dynasty of quayle? >> we'll have to wait and see if that happens. i don't know if it's a new dynasty of kwails. it's a government that's not listening carefully to the people. so i think that will carry mr. quayle to victory. his opponent is not running a very shrewd campaign. >> i want to ask you about john mccain. there were suggestions even from his loving daughter last night with rachel maddox that she agrees with his decision on don't-ask, don't-tell. this is john mccain. you've seen it. it was his frontal attack on barbara boxer. this is what he had to say earlier this week. >> barbara boxer is the most
1:21 pm
bitterly partisan, most anti-defense senator in the united states senate today. i know that because i've had the unpleasant experience of having to serve with her. >> he went on to even suggest that she was somehow not a patriotic american her votes on defense issues somehow put her over the pale. do you think he's gotten a little bit too tough, too partisan? >> john is a fighter and you heard the issue, defense. it's an issue that gets him deeply concerned. he's intensely engaged in this campaign in arizona and across the country because he's concerned about the direction of the country. every politician at times gets pretty intense in their rhetoric if they have passion and john mccain has passion about the defense of this country. >> i want to ask you about a story in the front page of the "wall street journal" today which suggests there are some in the republican camp who think that instead of being in opposition to everything if they
1:22 pm
twin majority they should actually work with democrats and try to get something done. what do you think is the best strategy for republicans going forward if they take control of the house? >> well, it is always the obligation of either party in the legislature or the congress to work with the other party. indeed i think that's one of the things that the democrats have done wrong and people have been offended by. on a number of issues they didn't want to hear anything from minority republicans. i think it is important to work with the other party and see if the other party will meet you. i'm hopeful they will. by the same token i think that story, for example, suggests that republicans might shut the government down again as happened in the 1995-1996. i think nobody is proposing that. that's a red herring or just an argument thrown out there to scare people. i think what republicans want to do is to demonstrate this government can be responsible in the area of spending. we're asking every american to cutback. we think and i think the majority of americans think that means the government needs to
1:23 pm
cutback and not be so free with the people's money. there are democrats that will agree with that and i'm hopeful president obama will agree with that as. >> thanks. we'll miss you here in washington. i would gather you'll be back and forth. >> i'll be in the fight. >> thank you very much. coming up in the midst of the mid-term madness where is john boehner? plus america's most famous former flight attendant newest exit strategy. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another right now ♪ [ female announcer ] the time has come to get a diaper that really works, without the really high prices. the time has come for luvs. say yes to ultra leak protection, no to pricey diapers. it's time for luvs with the luvs money back guarantee.
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the man most likely to be the speaker of the house if republicans do retake the house has been for the most part oust sight. some say trying to avoid a fourth quarter fumble that could give democrats a chance to recover. where is john borne.
1:27 pm
martin, he has been strangely out of sight. >> reporter: for those of us familiar with boehner, he's a very accessible guy. he talks to you off and on camera. chatty with roberts. in this final two weeks, he's lowered his public profile. he's not hiding out. doing fundraiserers. not doing a whole lot of high-profile interviews. >> let's talk about somebody who is not hiding out, sarah palin. she kicked off that last dash to the finish, the tea party group in nevada yesterday. and now today she's kind of stumbled a little bit. she's tweeted pennsylvania make sense to said gop to d.c. to avoid pennsylvania economic disaster that will occur under obama/pelosi cap and tax scheme, workers need raese. is john raese running instead of
1:28 pm
pat toomey. >> reporter: a geography problem. she quickly took down that tweet. john raese is running as a republican in the state of west virginia and yes, he also does oppose cap and trade. but it's one of those stumbles, you know, we all twitter and, you know, occasionally have a tip typo. when sarah palin makes a typo it slircles the globe. >> it's been suggested that palin has people writing her tweets. and since her tweets really are her platform she doesn't do interviews other than on fox. >> reporter: yes. >> following her on twitter is the only way to follow her. >> reporter: it's the way a lot of us in the media get our news about sarah palin. you have to -- if you're a political reporter you have to follow her on twitter and facebook. she will do lengthy memos about
1:29 pm
her views on things. she will do endorsements that break news on twitter and facebook. this is how she communicates to the political media. >> all right. getting the states, the geography right -- >> reporter: that's key. >> thank you, martin. coming up, inside the money base. is there such a thing as spending too much? plus another round of violent protests erupt on the streets of paris. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. with all the equipment you use to stay fit, you might want to try lifting one of these. in recent years we've added a unique natural sea salt to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. it helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so if you're ready to eat a little better, grab your spoon and do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ but basically, i'm a runner.
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topping the headlines right now on mit"andrea mitchell repo" a federal judge is to rule on keeping enfor the ban on gays serving in the military. the judge said the government has not proved her order stopping the ban would do harm to u.s. troops. defense secretary robert gates said that he supports lifting the ban but wants to do it
1:33 pm
slowly. the nfl is taking steps today to stop players from being injured during helmet to helmet hits. nfl said new rules will take place but what league will work harder to enforce existing rules against devastating hits and head shots. players could expect harsher fines and possible suspensions. former flight attendant who captivated the nation with his dramatic i quit will undergo a year ever counseling and substance abuse. he pleaded guilty to criminal mischief. last august he got on the plane with a loud speaker, cursed at passengers and slid down a chute with two beers in hand. violence in the streets of france again today as hundreds of thousands ever workers protested against raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. demonstrators threw stones and september fires clashing with police in paris.
1:34 pm
the week long strike is clogging fuel supplies and forced massive slight cancelations. stephanie goss is live in paris with the latest. how will they get around this? this sarkozy government is incredibly unpopular. this is only the latest. >> reporter: it's going to be difficult, andrea. the people we talked to today said this is about more than just two year increase in their retirement age. this is a referendum on sarkozy's government. this strike is an expression of their dissatisfaction with him as a president not just reform of pensions. today we're seeing some clashes. there have been some between protesters and some friends here tonight as well. between the police and some of the students. students have been extremely active here throughout the week and they have been taking on the police, it's been a concern. there are worries they will graduate from school and not
1:35 pm
have jobs. we've seen a number of union workers, the estimates today of demonstrations have been from 3.3 million which is the union, labor union's estimate to the government's 1.1 million. i apologize. the vote for this referendum will be on thursday. it's expected to pass because sarkozy controls the government. and these strikes are expected to cover. >> any woman who can hire a riot can handle a few protesters. thank you. >> no challenge there. >> the white house has gone out of its way to criticize the wave of outside spending on behalf of republicans calling at it threat to democracy itself. the numbers may tell a different story pap new analysis shows in the most contested of those house races democrats have been raising more, spending more and
1:36 pm
have millions more in the closing days than their republican counterparts. so are they still facing the possibility of losing the house. welcome all. karen, first to you. you've been out all over the country. what are you seeing as to the impact of the white house argument, the president's key argument, closing argument seems to be that the republicans are quote, bad guys, you know, my word not his because they are taking all of this money, secret money, foreign money, raising this as the boogieman. >> there are a number of issues that get twisted all together. the fact is money is important in politics but very rarely been, you know, the be all and end all. the history is most self-funded
1:37 pm
candidates, people who can bank roll their own campaigns usually lose. but there's a real question with some of this advertising we've seen this year where you don't know where it comes from pup don't know, you know, what interest is really pushing it. and in some case, i'm thinking of peter difazio in oregon these anonymous ads put races into play that wouldn't otherwise. >> is it backfiring, mark? have you seen some of the excess civilian spending and self funders like meg whitman, gross amount over $140 million already in that california race. >> think that's one race where it might backfire. jerry brown ge quite fired up. i talked to him yesterday at a press conference. just the mere thoufgt meg whitman and all she's spending seems to sit him on edge. some voters might find it
1:38 pm
unattractive. the broader issue is this issue of secretly funded groups is one where, i think, there is some argument to be made. there's some nexus for from the president's view between those groups and the policies he's trying to fight off. for most voters it's a shot to convince them to get riled up about them. a lot of liberal groups that have the same lack of disclosure and same amount of foreign money that seems to so concern the president. >> exactly. chris, what the unions, liberal groups and others not disclosing either. not that they have to. under the law as has been reinterpreted they don't have to explain. >> remember twoirn election the big story was the shadow democratic party, three groups called the media fund, one called america votes. this set of groups that raised vacht sums of money from wealthy individuals, george soros, peter lewis, labor unions.
1:39 pm
that went to defeat george w. bush. six years later you see it directed on the republican side to send a message to barack obama. i agree with mark and the bank shot in terms of strategy. my against it's loonly a guess. they are trying to use karl rove whom the democratic base hate. they hate people. use him to say look at what's at stake karl rove is trying to buy this group. you need vote. enthusiasm in the democratic base is the biggest problem facing the party 14 days out. >> now with the -- only 14 days to go, karen, one of the things the president is trying to do is appeal to the base. we've seen him go college campuses then ohio with the first lady trying to get large numbers of students engaged and appealing to minority voters the people who put him over the top the last time. this is a new radio ad that the democratic national committee is putting out with the president trying to speak to minority vote
1:40 pm
eshs. let's listen. >> this is barack obama. two years ago you voted in record numbers and we won a victory few dreamed possible. i know so many across the country are hurting and think change isn't happening fast enough. that's why we've fought so hard to repair the economic mess we were hand. but now that's all at stake. the same republicans that fought against change are pushing the same plan that crashed our economy. we can't afford to go back. on november 2nd i need to you stand with me and vote. >> karen, this will air on black radio station primarily. is there a scenario where the president in this last drive could appeal to young information african-americans, to his original supporters who are not disillusioned, maybe just not inspired. if they turned out, could the house races be set aside. >> i was with the president on sunday night on this campus of
1:41 pm
ohio state. it was like this remember how much fun we had two years ago. i think if they were to turn out and this is a big if, it could help in some gubernatorial race and some senate races. but by and large, these voters are not necessarily in the same places where they need voters to turn out for these house races. >> and mark halperin, in your travels around the country, what your seeing? are you seeing any shifts, there's obviously a narrowing going on but anything significant that you can report from the grassroots? >> well, i think that there are some races where democrats are not putting as much money in as they can to save the majority in the house. most everyone agrees that will be difficult. some of these focused senate race particularly out in california. there's a bit of a chess game more complicated because you have this outside money and there's not supposed to be coordination between the parties
1:42 pm
and campaign committees and candidates and outside groups. people send signals to each other. what's going on right now is tough choice. today is the day where people have to lock in their television buys for the next couple of weeks. at the grassroots people are looking at where democrats can still save them saechbls the campaigns and other people spending money looking to shift money. >> i see chris nodding. we'll come back towards the end of the show. chris we'll have another chance to chat. thank you very much. karen, always great to see you. coming up, was there a u.s. against failure that could have prevented 2008 mumbai terror attacks in india. we investigate next on "andrea mitchell reports." ♪
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♪ ♪ [ growls ] ♪ ♪ [ polar bear grunting ] [ growls ]
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[ male announcer ] introducing the 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all. the white house is ordering a review today of whether a breakdown in intelligence allowed several warnings about the 2008 terror attacks in mumbai to slip through the cracks. 166 people were killed during the three day siege in november of 2008. nbc news investigative correspond michael isikoff joins me now. there was clearly a failure. the state department was very defensive about the warning from david headley, the suspect, two wives. one wife went to the embassy in
1:47 pm
islamabad and said i think my husband is a terrorist. >> exactly. this has some eerie sim laters to the christmas day bombing and the suspect whose father had gone to the u.s. embassy in nigeria and gave warnings that didn't get passed along. >> let's explain for our viewers. david headley, american-pakistani, raised in philadelphia, goes back to pakistan and eventually either becomes a dee. agent and becomes radicalized or -- >> he was a dea informer and he became radicalized. and he was living in chicago. he was arrested last year by the fbi in october. one of the most significant terror suspects arrested by the fbi in years, it later turned out that he had conducted extensive surveillance for the mumbai attacks on behalf of lashkar-i-taiba. he was working with the guy who
1:48 pm
was considered one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world in planning another attack in europe. it now turns out that there were two separate warnings about headley prior to his arrest. one from his -- one of his ex-wives in new york in 2005 who goes to new york city police, files a domestic abuse complaint and says she has concerns he's hanging out with radicals in pakistan, sympathizes with the lashkar-i-taiba cause and buying night vision goggles. the fbi gets called in, they investigate they determine there's not enough information to launch a preliminary investigation or put him on the no fly list. she had no specifics. but information about headley gets entered into the system. it's in the fbi computer base. then totally separately two years later at the u.s. embassy in islamabad another ex-wife of headley walks into the embassy and says something very similar.
1:49 pm
her husband is hanging out with associates of pakistani militants. she has concerns. she tells the "new york times"er to day that he might be a terrorist. he's plotting jihad. i want him in guantanamo she's quoted as saying. the u.s. embassy, diplomatic security and immigration officers are there for the meeting and decide again there's not enough information in the system to take this further. the question is were those two separate bits of intelligence put together that might have triggered warnings. >> the fbi doesn't arrest him until another incident occurs where he's then picked up or tagged by european intelligence not by ours. ing? >> right. the brits pass along intelligence that led to his arrest in chicago in 2009. >> they've lot of explaining to do. one theory that these women were not ex-wives that they were simultaneous wives, as many as
1:50 pm
three wives. he has a as a lot of explaining do. aside from the fact he's an accused terrorist. >> convicted. thank you, michael isikoff. what political story will be making headlines? wall street is getting back on its feet. but the financial landscape is still full of uncertainty. in times like these, you need an experienced partner to look out for you. heads up!
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if we really care about something, we want to know the facts. it's only when something doesn't matter, like your future, the economy, whether you have a job, whether you can buy a home, whether you can go to college, don't bother with the facts. i've got my mind made up. >> there he is. former president bill clinton stumping in florida for democrat kendrick meek. which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? i think we'll stay in florida. msnbc contributor chris cillizza is back with us.
1:54 pm
they have a debate tonight. >> they do. always love to see the master, bill clinton at work. that's terrific stuff. debate tonight, i keep saying this. this is the last best opportunity for governor charlie crist, who is running assen independent to change the race in a meaningful way. marco rubio, ahead clearly now. crist fading. kendrick meek is mired in the 20s. this looks like marco rubio's race to lose. i don't know if charlie crist has it in him to change his dynamic. this is, i really think the last time he's going to have a real chance with the voters paying attention to do so. >> and a couple other debates tonight as well is this. >> absolutely. i believe that we have an illinois senate debate. i'm picking six really close races out there in the senate. illinois is a top one.
1:55 pm
this is a race where mark kirk, the republican nominee and giannoulias, they had political stories that would have ended the race in any other cycle. mark kirk with the military stories. they're both mired in the mid-30s, high 30s and trying to win. >> and we also have a south carolina governor's race. we can talk about that tomorrow. chris cillizza, thank you very much. and happy birthday to mary ellen cillizza. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." and tomorrow colorado senator michael bennet trying to close the gap with republican senator ken buck. remember to fall the show online and on twitter at mitchell reports. my colleague tamron has a look at what's up next on "news nation." >> our next hour, foreclosure freeze finally gone.
1:56 pm
the white house has words of warning for the largest banks as they get ready to start taking back hundreds of thousands of homes. and are you traveling for the holidays? well, don't get into an accident. you could be fined even if it's not your fault, depending on where you have the accident. we're going to talk with michael smerconish about it. and mother nature is about to put on quite a show in the sky. where you need to be to get the best view. "news nation" is just moments away. ♪ ♪ yes!
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right now on "news nation." >> the state of new york doesn't get it. it spends money it doesn't have. >> my critics want to say i'm angry. i'm passionate about saving new york. >> the anger, sparks and even comedy flying debates in new york and across the country in tight to midterm races. more on the way tonight. but with two weeks to go, do these debates really matter? will they change your vote?


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